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Apart from being very popular in online social media like Facebook, Youtube or Twitter, mobile cranes are quite present in the society and in daily life, in terms of merchandising. The scale models of cranes in all the sizes and formats were initially a great hobby for craftsmen & metalworkers who used to build any model on the market, with amazing accuracy at a much smaller dimensions. Today Lego, a brand of famous toys, is a pioneer in representing scale mobile cranes that can be assembled by anyone. That fact is evidenced by the extensive presence of Lego mobile crane videos & pics on Youtube, with a detailed explanation (training videos) of their rigging and operation. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of mobile crane online games and toys that can be purchased on eBay, for example.

Not only toys, games and scale models but, there are also mobile cranes collectors for vectors, wallpapers, images, pics and all kind of available merchandising, that can be easily download online either for free or simply bought at a low cost on eBay. I think all that means, that mobile crane fans are more frequent that might be imagined and are not only restricted to professionals, but also current people. Mobile cranes are clear vectors of development, as there are evident traces of progress around those places where they are currently working. It should therefore not be surprising that more and more people are interested in them, everyday. Lego and other successful toys manufacturers (Conrad, TWH, etc.) realized it long time ago and market their products thanks to mobile crane training videos in Youtube and to adds on eBay.

Despite of the fidelity of Lego XXL plastic games & models, the craftsmen’s mobile cranes free creations have been undoubtedly the most sough after toys to decorate the receptions of the main manufacturers’ and numerous crane rental companies’ premises, all over the world. They have been building their scale models from mobile crane pics and from their actual dimensions, with lots of patience and hard training, by bringing every minor detail in minuscule handmade pieces (even decals and mobile crane co’s vectors) and by using specific tools and high quality metals and raw materials. The training videos of these type of small sized mobile cranes in Youtube, are simply awesome when not spectacular.

What if you cannot afford such costly models or Lego mobile crane XXL games? You can always either choose to free online downloads of large images & wallpapers, specific crane vectors, pics and videos (Youtube), or to pay for the one you just want, on eBay. These wallpapers and singular images and pics of mobile cranes working, come usually from manufacturers’ merchandising like calendars, booklets, posters, etc. Mobile crane online games are also very popular for training and to get more familiar with mobile crane dimensions. Surfing on eBay, it is easy to find a number of common and cheaper merchandising related to brands of construction machinery like caps, pens, boots, clothes, etc.

Merchandising is not only useful for fans and collectors but, it helps very much in marketing activities thanks to the free download of mobile crane pics, vectors and images of numerous dimensions that can be used to design web sites, commercial service leaflets, visit cards and to decorate and highlight boots during trade fairs, open days, factory tours, etc. by using impressive mobile crane wallpapers of different shapes and dimensions. Thanks to the portable technology, today is as well possible to get such free downloads of mobile crane images and wallpapers as screensavers for our smartphones.

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