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Is there anyone who still doubts the influence today of a specific forum, a social network like Facebook or even youtube, when searching for news and data about mobile cranes, online?

Until the early 2000s, manufacturers of mobile cranes used to distribute product catalogues with capacity charts and user manuals on paper, usually of high quality.

Thereafter, internet came to their aid, by making possible those catalogues were downloaded and distributed in digital versions and different formats (pdf, jpg, ppt, png, etc.) as well as the widespread use of all kind of data: news, images, pictures, photos and videos of mobile cranes, throughout the web and forums.

Today, the broad dissemination of news, data, photos, images, catalogues, training & accidents videos and various audiovisual related to mobile cranes, has boosted thanks to the action of forums and social networks. Facebook, twitter, linked in and Youtube are proving to be powerful tools for distribution of information, whether pictures (files jpg / tiff/ pdf), powerpoint presentations (ppt), or even videos of mobile crane accidents (mov / avi / mpg / etc), etc. However, Youtube is the professional tool par excellence, one step ahead of Facebook or LinkedIn, at least in Spain. All data, images, photos, videos or recordings of an event, accident or even lifting operation and training videos with mobile cranes of any make or model, are listed today on youtube, without any doubt. Nevertheless in order to download more professional documents like capacity charts or user manuals in pdf format or even presentations (ppt), we have to apply either in specialized forums or in dedicated sites, always subject to prior registration.

Looking for product range catalogues, capacity charts or even pdf mobile crane user manuals to download is today getting easier and thus, the share of jobs data among     mobile crane professionals is going faster. This accounts for the globalization of every   aspect related with mobile crane news, jobs, accidents, etc., which are in fact immediately supported by free images, pictures, photos and videos so, every user can easily download vital information to run his business, in the opposite side of the world. Accidents of mobile cranes are the most clear examples of this fact, as the audiovisuals of such events, travel faster on the web than on TV news bulletins, wherever the incidents took place.

In summary, today, YouTube and other social networks, lead the share of pictures, photos, training & accidents videos and all other related files (pdf, ppt, dwg, jpg, mov, avi, etc) on mobile cranes; what makes us think of the crucial importance of social media for knowledge dissemination and sharing of professional experience in any industry category. Long gone are the days, when mobile crane manufacturers used only printed paper catalogues to present their products, their capacity charts and their manuals; first with drawings and sketches and later on with detailed pictures, photos and images of machines. The pioneering introduction of standardized software through PowerPoint presentations (ppt), Autocad drawings (dwg) and crane user manuals and capacity charts download in pdf format, have made possible that web forums and social networks   (Facebook) in addition to large on-line platforms like youtube, have extended the  development of the mobile cranes technology, to anywhere in the world.

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