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When I have surfed the internet, I have just missed in relevant information on mobile cranes and apart from slight exceptions, is difficult to find details about commonly accepted definitions, advantages of any type of mobile crane and how they work, or even about the mobile cranes usage. You can visit Youtube and download either mobile or tower crane training videos, mobile crane pics and vectors and free images, etc., but it’s undoubtedly more difficult to find how the telescopic boom works, which is the current usage of every type of crane, the advantages of compact dimensions and how can they be placed at the job site, and so on. The forums are perhaps too specific, thus it is necessary to count with a differently structured site by including light connotations to the glossary of terms relating to the components and type of mobile cranes (chassis, superstructure, telescopic/ lattice boom, all/ rough terrain, portal, rtg, etc .).

Today, Wikipedia (and of course Youtube) is by definition an indispensable online tool for acquiring general knowledge, about something that is relatively unknown for someone. But are the definition and characteristics of the talk there really accurate and appropriate for their current usage, or instead are light and approximate to one skilled in the art?

Frankly speaking, the definition of a mobile crane in wikipedia is so poor that, only defines what a crane as “a hydraulic-powered crane with a telescoping boom mounted on truck-type carriers or as self-propelled models”. The mobile crane is to wikipedia, a type of machine with small differences with a fixed or tower crane, for example. Nevertheless, Youtube can be much more explicit between mobile and tower cranes, because an image is worth but that thousand words. Despite of having huge databases and great advantages, the site contents a little knowledge of this industry, although making a historical tour of lifting technology.

Youtube is undoubtedly a much more powerful tool to show differences between the usage of mobile & tower cranes, how they work, which type of boom is to be used on every job, to watch high definition training videos and in summary, to check every aspect related with actual cranes work and Know-how. Wikipedia is obviously far from those Youtube advantages so, its usage would be limited to non-professional internet search engines.

Last but not least, both web sites have a different approach on mobile cranes related data but, if we really know how can they help us and what are their particular advantages, is quite likely we will find out any piece of information we could need for our daily work. Regardless you handle either fixed towers or mobile cranes, lattice or telescopic booms, you will be fully updated on internet, better from any other source.

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