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Apart from being very popular in online social media like Facebook, Youtube or Twitter, mobile cranes are quite present in the society and in daily life, in terms of merchandising. The scale models of cranes in all the sizes and formats were initially a great hobby for craftsmen & metalworkers who used to build any model on the market, with amazing accuracy at a much smaller dimensions. Today Lego, a brand of famous toys, is a pioneer in representing scale mobile cranes that can be assembled by anyone. That fact is evidenced by the extensive presence of Lego mobile crane videos & pics on Youtube, with a detailed explanation (training videos) of their rigging and operation. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of mobile crane online games and toys that can be purchased on eBay, for example. Read more


When I have surfed the internet, I have just missed in relevant information on mobile cranes and apart from slight exceptions, is difficult to find details about commonly accepted definitions, advantages of any type of mobile crane and how they work, or even about the mobile cranes usage. You can visit Youtube and download either mobile or tower crane training videos, mobile crane pics and vectors and free images, etc., but it’s undoubtedly more difficult to find how the telescopic boom works, which is the current usage of every type of crane, the advantages of compact dimensions and how can they be placed at the job site, and so on. The forums are perhaps too specific, thus it is necessary to count with a differently structured site by including light connotations to the glossary of terms relating to the components and type of mobile cranes (chassis, superstructure, telescopic/ lattice boom, all/ rough terrain, portal, rtg, etc .). Read more