About Us

More than five hundred units sold and almost 50 years of combined mobile cranes expertise is our added value to improve your business”



HONESTY as “you cannot do business without it”.

PROFESSIONALISM because “you must be sure you know to whom and how to sell every crane”.

CONSTANCY because “no matter the time, we are always ready to serve you and to help you to achieve your goals when dealing cranes”.

OUR WORD is our most valued competence so we’d never go against it.


To be leaders in best practices of international transactions in the Iberian mobile cranes market.


To ensure international transactions of machinery with Iberian customers


In Kranex we count with a network of professionals with over twenty years experience in the field of mobile cranes and a solid reputation in that market. We have a deep knowledge of the Iberian crane rental market, as a result of a long career selling new mobile cranes (by Terex and Demag, mainly) first, and cranes of all brands, ages and origins, afterwards. Furthermore, thanks to it, we have been witness from the very first row, of the best years of evolution and technological development of this industry.

We have the right technical background to provide support to our customers, in the selection of the most adequate machine to cover their needs. Similarly, we can help before, during and after the transaction, by gathering all the required paperwork, throughout the sale – purchase process.

Our network of international contacts, has been carefully selected, not only with the intention to avoid problems and disappointments, but to ensure the use of best practices of international trade, according to their wide experience in the field.

Thanks to our wide international sale network you can draw on a deep market knowledge and leave any negotiation in professional hands